Ethereum Nodes
We already have most of the testnets deployed synchronised to integrate and start sending transactions from flows or receiving events in to the snaphash flows. Currently supports websocket based connectivity with ethereum nodes

Internal Ethereum Nodes

Ethereum nodes already synced are available for following nets;

Rinkeby Testnet

DNS: ws://rinkeby.default.svc.cluster.local Ports: 8456

Kovan Testnet

DNS: ws://kovan.default.svc.cluster.local Ports: 8456

Connection to External Ethereum Nodes

Its possible that you have your own ethereum nodes running that you would like SnapHash flows to connect to.

Whitelist SnapHash Gateway IPs in Firewall

Gateway IPs of SnapHash (check your dashboard for IPs after login) will need to be whitelisted for Ports in the network where your nodes deployed and are exposing websocket and http interface (defaults to 8545, 8546 and 8180)