Is SnapHash Free?

SnapHash is 100% free in the cloud with restriction of 1 instance per user. If your resource requirements are increasing, drop us an email at [email protected].

Is there an On-Premises Version?

Yes! we understand scenarios where your data cannot leave your premises or integration systems run in private network
For On-premises installation with high availability, contact us at [email protected]

Who has right to data?

SnapHash does not save data. Its your data and you decide how to manage it
If it runs in the cloud, received data is posted to blockchain (as per your designed flows with restricted access) and data events received from blockchain are posted to your APIs and no state is maintained on cloud
If it runs on premises, on-premises installation runs without any dependency on SnapHash clouds

Warning: Your Connection Is Not Private

If you open URL of your instance and see this browser warning, know that SSL certificates are being applied and should be completed in 2-3minutes of time. Once SSL certificates are completely applied, this message should automatically disappear

502 Bad Gateway on UI

Sometimes because of less computational resources if you face this issue while opening the editor or dashboard UI, please try after a few moments